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In the tradition of providing our cilents with high-quality and cost-effective Online Recruitment Services, we would like to offer you advertising opportunities on our site that can deliver targeted exposure to you at an affordable price. Advertising in JobsCity.NET means reaching educated, career-oriented internet users as well as recruiters and employers.


JobsCity.NET can also offer you both general and targeted banner advertising on the site, whichever you prefer. The following are the specifications of this ad model:

* Maximum file size is 10K
* Formats: GIF (static or animated) and JPEG
* Cost is on a CPM basis (Cost per thousand impressions). For non-targetted banners we start at $3 CPM. A little higher for targetted banners.

For more information about banner advertising on JobsCity.NET, please inquire using our Feedback Form.


If your business is related to the recruiting industry, provides services for career advancement or is of interest to people looking to advance their careers and find a new job, then this campaign is the right one for you. This particular ad model operates on a Pay-Per-Click basis, which means that you only pay for real traffic generated by your link. The cost is $.30 per click.

For more information about featured link advertising on JobsCity.NET, please inquire using our Feedback Form.


We welcome free reciprocal link exchanges with quality partner sites, under the provision that the partners site does not contain any offensive content and has at least 2000 unique visitors a day.


* For any advertising inquiries please use our Feedback Form.

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