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Resignation Letter

Although you always hear that "first impressions always last", well, when it comes to resigning from a job, it is the last impression that counts the most. The most important aspect of a resignation letter is to keep it simple, especially when you are leaving under less than desirable circumstances.

There is usually no need to explain your reasons for resigning. And never make slanderous accusations just to blow off steam, or you may regret it later if the company finds a way to legally use it against you. Be a class act, you never know when you may need a recommendation or the help of a former boss.

On the other hand if you are leaving under favorable circumstances and feel that you owe it to express your gratitude, then it's okay to give a brief positive statement. Keep in mind that your colleagues will likely never see it and that management/human resources will give it a quick look before it gets filed away in storage -- so don't waste too much energy on it.

The points to remember when making a resignation letter:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Keep it short.
  3. Say when you are resigning. Be courteous and give at least 2 weeks.
  4. Express your gratitude for being part of the company



Obi Won Kenobi
1 Distant Planet Place,
Hollywood, Ca, 91111

February 24, 2000

Dear Mr. Kenobi:

I am writing to tender my resignation as a Marketing Assistant at your division, Jedi Marketing.

I have accepted an offer from a consulting firm.

I would like to formally leave my post on Wednesday, August 30, which is two weeks from now so that you will have ample time to look for my replacement. Queries regarding my work history in the company are very much welcome, feel free to contact me.

My experience in Jedi Marketing was a fruitful one for me. Being part of the marketing team taught me the value of perseverance and patience. I wish the firm continued success in the years to come.



Luke Skywalker

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