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Cover Letter

Your cover letter serves as a marketing pitch while your resume backs up your testimonials with a summary of your personal credentials and history. Use this opportunity to create a good first impression as employers may receive hundreds of resume applications for one job availability. The cover letter is your chance to personally communicate with the employer so emphasize how your skills, experience, and accomplishments fulfil the requirements of the job you are applying for.

  • Be forthright. State your objective without needless fancy elaboration.
  • Be Concise. Lengthy letters tend to be just scanned. Keep your cover letter to one page. Keep it brief if you want the employer to read your cover letter from start to end.
  • Avoid Using Slang Words. As your letter would reflect you, you would want to project a professional image and not an informal one.
  • What Makes You an Ideal Candidate? Make evident how you are well suited for the job position you are applying for.
  • Phrase your letter positively. Worded effectively, you will be able to create a positive impression to get you that job interview.
  • Sell Yourself. Convince the employer why YOU should be chosen among other applicants.
  • Customize your cover letter to the job position you are applying for. The skills that you should mention should be appropriate to the job position available.
  • Highlight your best accomplishment. It just might be what the employer is looking for in an applicant-- one who can accomplish a certain job he has in mind.
  • Omit weaknesses . You aim to sell yourself with positive citation. Any phrase that might indicate weakness will be a point against you.
  • Stress a positive unique quality you have. Among hundred other resumes, the important thing is for you to leave a memorable impression to the employer. A promising attribute which may make you unique relative to the other applicants could improve your chances of reaching the interview stage.
  • Reveal notable information about the company. This will show that you have interest on their organization reflecting that you took time to get to know their company.
  • Include your contact information. This is written at the last paragraph of your letter. Indicate what time is best available to contact you and that you are looking forward to arranging an interview.
  • Proof read! Make certain your letter is grammatically correct and without typographical errors - mistakes have a very negative impact on the application process. Remember, the letter reflects you.


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