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Cover Letter Structure

Your cover letter should be tailored especially to the company you are applying for. Here's a guide which will help you in writing a cover letter in the suggested full-block business letter...



101 Geary St.
San Francisco, Ca, 94111

February 24, 2000

  • Write your complete address and the date without any abbreviation.


Mr. Mark Lindsey
Human Resource Manager
301 Infophil Building
Chino Roces Avenue
Makati City, Philippines

  • Inside address is written two lines below the Heading.
  • Address your letter to the specific person who will process your application.
  • Have the recruiter's full name beginning with his/her title: Dr. , Atty. , Mr. or Ms.
  • Indicate the person's specific job position as well.
  • Write the complete company address.


Dear Sir:
Dear Mr. Lindsey:

  • Salutation is written two lines below the Inside Address.
  • Salutation can be written as "Dear Sir or Dear Madam", or "Dear Mr. __ or Dear Ms. __" .
  • A colon follows the salutation.


The Web Site Marketing Manager position listed in the Employment Opportunities in your web site immediately caught my attention. With my proven track record on increasing web site traffic, I believe I am an ideal candidate for this job position. Enclosed, is my resume for your perusal.

You will find that my credentials more than meet your requirements. I have a BS degree in Marketing and have 8 years experience in managing a sales team. I have exemplary knowledge in interactive services & Internet browsers and have depth knowledge in multi-media advertising & programming.

Congratulations on your recent launch of JobsCity.NET! With my ability to conceptualize creative, advertiser-based promotions & executive promotions, I am confident that I can introduce and promote your new site to the world web market and at the same time, increase Infophil Inc. market 10% monthly.

I will call you on Tuesday to arrange an appointment with you to discuss the job position and my capabilities in more detail. Or you can contact me between 9:00am-1:00pm at 940-1234 (home) or e-mail address I'll look forward to meet with you soon. Thank you for your consideration.

  • The Body of the letter is written 2 lines below the salutation.
  • Your opening paragraph is to catch the attention of the recruiter by selling yourself as the best candidate for the job position available. This is also where you tell the reader your purpose. If responding to a publication of job posting, mention this in reference.
  • Your middle paragraph should effect enthusiasm. Use the second paragraph to highlight your most impressive skills and accomplishments and mention specifically your relevant experiences relative to the job position you are applying for and to the employer's needs.
  • Use a third paragraph to show specific interest in the company.
  • Your closing paragraph states your intent to make an appointment. You may list the dates / times you will be available to be contacted or suggest a time when you will follow up your application with a phone call.



James Cromwell

  • Leave 2 lines below the body of the letter, then write your complimentary close.
  • Don't forget the comma after the complimentary close.
  • Type your full name 4 lines beneath the complimentary close.
  • Use a quality inked-pen to sign your letter in the space provide.

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