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The Telephone Interview


Tips During the Telephone Interview

1) Be cool, calm and relaxed. Don't be tense, as the interviewer might sense that as a sign of your lacking in confidence.

2) Listen carefully to the interviewer's questions and if you are not sure you heard it right, it's okay to ask him/her to repeat it.

3) Show respect by referring to them as "Mr." or "Ms." or title and last name. Refer to them on a first name basis if they specifically asked you.

4) When giving an answer: be precise, brief, objective and honest.

5) Avoid, beginning your speech with "um", "uh", "er". This may require some practice. You can role-play with a friend to catch with these habits. Or you can record yourself with a tape recorder.

6) While speaking, moderate your speed and tone such that the interviewer can understand you clearly. Avoid speaking too fast or too slow, too loud or to soft.

7) Take your time in answering the questions, and qualify your 'yes' or 'no' answers with a short explanation.

8) Believe in yourself. Briefly highlight your accomplishments, successes, and promotions.

9) Sound enthusiastic. Keep a smile plastered on your face while you talk, as this will project a positive vibe. Definitely avoid sounding bored or disinterested.

10) Back-up your weaknesses with positive remarks. (eg. "I am not familiar with that, but I'm confident,that given a little exposure to it, I'll be just fine.")

11) A couple of short silent periods are fine, but more than a few or ones that last more than 2-3 seconds can give the interviewer the idea that you lack communication skills. Ask one of your listed questions if you feel it's too quiet.

12) Give it your best shot, even if you have another company in mind. Who knows, they might even give you a better offer.

13) When you feel that you have impressed the interviewer, ask for the actual interview.

14) When the interview is finished, show courtesy by saying "Thank you."

15) Immediately after the conversation (and if granted an actual interview) write down the highlights, your strengths, your weaknesses, and any skills/qualities they are looking for, so that you can focus and improve in the coming interview.

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