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Interview Dont's

  • DO NOT arrive late for your scheduled interview.
  • DO NOT eat, drink, smoke or chew gum during the interview, even if the interviewer does.
  • DO NOT write: 'see resume', when filling out the company's application form .
  • DO NOT write: 'open ?' or 'negotiable', on the blank of desired salary.
  • DO NOT bring a companion to the interview. No distractions.
  • DO NOT sit down when not yet offered a chair.
  • DO NOT slouch. Do not lean on the interviewer's desk. Sit Straight.
  • DO NOT beg for THE job.
  • DO NOT beg for A job.
  • DO NOT give derogatory remarks about your former employer.
  • DO NOT tell the interviewer your financial problems (unless asked).
  • DO NOT mention about other unsuccessful job applications.
  • DO NOT be sorry for anything, except, maybe being late.
  • DO NOT stay after the interview is over. You have no business being there anymore.
  • DO NOT refer to the interviewer on a first name basis, unless they allow you to.
  • DO NOT yell at the interviewer for any reason.
  • DO NOT let your eyes wander around the office during the interview.
  • DO NOT repeat bad habits of speech such as "um", "ah", "and then" etc.
  • DO NOT move your hands excessively while you talk.
  • DO NOT project a tough or emotionless face. Relax and smile.
  • DO NOT beat around the bush when answering questions. Answer briefly and to-the-point.
  • DO NOT answer a yes/no question with just a yes/no. Elaborate why it is a yes or a no.
  • DO NOT complain if they pause the interview for a few minutes that require their immediate attention. (This is common if your interviewer has a high level of responsibility like a supervisor, manager, or an executive position like chairman, partner, CEO.)

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