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Self Assessment

Understanding yourself -- what makes you "tick" and what inspires you to work can help make you realize what the right career is for you.


1. What motivates you to work?
2. What things do you like working on?
3. How do you perceive a working environment that suits your character and personality?
4. What kind of environment maximizes your creative ability?
5. How much are your financial needs and expectations?

Realizing the answers to these questions will reveal your true zeal, dexterity and attitude towards work. The passion you exert in your work - how much time you're willing to invest, and even the willingness to go that extra mile to get a duty done depends on your motivation. Satisfaction is achieved in realizing what you love to work on-where you feel you are challenged and your skills and abilities are being maximized. The working environment plays an important part to some people too, while to others, environment will not make any difference. But for consideration, the people around you and the things that surrounds you, can play an integral role for your harmonious working atmosphere where creative ability can be vitalized. Equally significant, is that you are to be compensated within monetary necessity and/or expectation.

You have to fully recognize and acknowledge your skills, values and interest. For when you have learned to understand the essence of who you are, can you attain the primary objective which is to find a career that suits your personality, skills, and experiences while at the same time providing for a comfortable and rewarding lifestyle.

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