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Ventureslink Manpower Services Inc., Pasig City, Philippines
Updated: 10/2016 

VENTURESLINK MANPOWER SERVICES, INC. For over 15 years now, VENTURESLINK has effectively executed its role as a manpower and promotional activation agency in the country. Thriving on partnerships and long-term relationships with clients from diverse industries, Ventureslink managed to consistently provide its business partners with excellent service through all those years. Its capabilities to serve on a larger scale were best amplified during the Philippines’ first automated national and local elections in 2010. Ventureslink successfully trained and certified, in a period of four months and using some 300 training sites it set up all over the country, the 60,000 technicians and supervisors who manned the polling precincts on election day. On top of the training project, Ventureslink was tasked to deploy 16,000 of these technicians to the 5 regions of the country (regions 3, 6, 7, 8 and Caraga). Today, Ventureslink, with its people as its biggest strength, operate with the s



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Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Pasig City,PH

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