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Direct Interactive, New York, New York
Updated: 06/2004 

Business Solutions By providing quick intuitive access to task-related information, the ¿Interactive Mentor¿ supports both execution and management activities. Our product incorporates all critical content and provides the tools for doing, gathering, recording, reporting, updating, verification, and analyses --- all connected in an ¿Interactive Mentor¿ collaborative environment. Consulting Services Our team of dedicated experts will work with you to quickly tailor our business solution to support your business objectives and produce bottom line results. We use a collaborative approach and a phased implementation that allows us to meet the exact needs of your business environment based on real time experience with our product. By integrating implementation with your exact day to day business needs, the solution is on target to produce bottom line results that can be measured and reported within your firm.



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Ownership: Private


Headquarters: New York,US-NY

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