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Recruiting with your Company Website

Making your company website serve your present and future recruiting purposes

Many recruiters overlook the possibilities posed by their own company's website, mostly due to the effectiveness of using a jobsite to solve most, if not all, of your recruitment problems. Our advice: if you have the time and resources to do so, make your corporate website more jobhunter-friendly. Don't lose out on the potential hires hidden among the traffic of interested browsers cruising through your website.

If you want to truly realize the recruitment potential of your company website, read on:

Develop your content on corporate culture.

Keep in mind that a company isn't just about its products or services; it's also about the people and the environment that make up the firm. Try to put up sections on your firm's corporate culture; show the reader what its like working for your company, and what kind of people move up better in the ranks.

Add a user-friendly and functional employment section.

Think "one-stop shop". This makes it easier for jobhunters to apply to your company without even having to log on to a jobsite. And don't shut this section down if you run out of vacancies; if you don't need any more people at the moment, ask visitors to leave their emails so they can be contacted and alerted whenever openings come up in your firm.


Give prospective applicants a short overview of compensation packages available to employees. Don't forget to mention any special allowances, privileges and / or benefits like gas allowances, an expense account, company vehicles, etc. If you've got some happy employees willing to make a testimonial, do so.

Go easy on the bells and whistles.

Remember that not all people have a fast internet connection. Keep this in mind whenever your company wants to make revisions on the website, or if there are plans for major overhauls in the site. If the site's heavy eye-candy graphics and movie clips take a bit of time to load, consider revising. A lot of surfers get impatient with slow loads.

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