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Military Branches:
  People's Liberation Army (PLA), which includes the Ground Forces, Navy (includes Marines and Naval Aviation), Air Force, Second Artillery Corps (the strategic missile force), People's Armed Police (internal security troops, nominally subordinate to Ministry of Public Security, but included by the Chinese as part of the "armed forces" and considered to be an adjunct to the PLA in wartime)
Military Manpower - Military Age:

18 years of age

Military Manpower - Availability:
  males age 15-49: 363,050,980 (2000 est.)
Military Manpower - Fit for Military Service:
  males age 15-49: 199,178,361 (2000 est.)
Military Manpower - Reaching Military Age Anually:
  males: 10,839,039 (2000 est.)
Military Expenditures - Dollar Figure:
  $12.608 billion (FY99); note - Western analysts believe that China's real defense spending is several times higher than the official figure because a number of significant items are funded elsewhere
Military Expenditures - percent of GDP:
  1.2% (FY99)

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