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The Traditional Method

In order to have a competitive advantage in today's market, you will need to use numerous search methods simultaneously to uncover as many job leads as possible. The new online job search method made possible by the internet facilitates landing your preferred job, but do not forget about the tried and tested Traditional Methods:

Whenever a job position opens, many employers will first ask referrals from their family, friends, clients, employees--people whose judgment and good advice they value. A good way of getting that opening is, of course, to have your name come up when that referral is being solicited. You do this through networking.

Networking is collecting contacts to keep you posted regarding available positions in the job market. It is an approach that puts you directly in contact with people who can recommend you on job positions rarely advertised. It is from their advice or influence that you are able to find doors that are open for hiring, to people who can assist you in looking, or to link you with other persons who may give you more job leads.

Public Employment Agencies facilitate matching of different companies' job openings to applicants. These agencies file job listings and resumes to assist employers and job seekers alike by giving the companies the needed manpower and landing the seeker an earning job. Some employment agencies get a cut/percentage of salary for helping a person find a job, and some profit from companies instead for the rendered service of finding a worker for them.
Even in this day and age, browsing the Classifieds is still popular way of job searching. A newspaper can list hundreds of job positions where you can scan companies that announce their requirements. The good thing about these listings is that the contact info is usually complete, and you don't need the internet to search through them.
It is an approach where you just actually show-up at the company without an appointment, dressed for success and resume in hand. Even if a job has not been posted anywhere yet, visit the company you are interested in and ask any employee inside if there are any job openings in the company, or better yet, to direct you to the HR department to inquire regarding this. Try to obtain names of people you could talk to, and be prepared for an immediate interview. This approach is not so easy because not all companies you visit may have job openings, so have several copies of your resume in hand and a pocketful of perseverance, so you can continue the job hunt as a walk-in applicant. Even if they don't have an opening at the time, you can still get a chance of getting ahead, especially since most companies file the resumes of walk-in applicants for future reference.
If you're not too keen on walking door-to-door to different firms, inquiring about openings and dropping off your resume, why not call them instead? After all, this'll save you time, money and effort in searching for job vacancies. The thing is, IF you DO find a job opening; many companies, after all, don't entertain these inquiries openly and at best, will just ask you to drop off your resume for "future reference." If there is no job opening, at least, you wasted nothing but a phone call.

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