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The Online Method

Electronic Job Hunting is probably the easiest and most effective means of finding a job in the New Economy. You start out by posting your updated resume on a jobsite (such as ours) not only to make it available for perusal by recruiters online, but also to gain access to the many jobsite features available only to members. Many of these features include one-click application, jobsearch statistics (so you can keep track of how many times you've applied for a job, been called for a job interview and by whom) and intelligent jobsearches (keyword searches, browsing by industry, etc.). Since all you need is a ready resume and internet connection, this style has got to be the easiest.

You don't have to leave the house 'til you get called for an interview.

You don't need contacts inside companies.

You don't even have to read the newspaper.

You don't have to pay an agency to find you a job.

The following are components of the Online Method:

There are a large number of sites on the Web that list job openings. Some allow you to view the postings for free, some charge for it. These are a great way to find openings that may not have been advertised in the newspaper.
Many sites allow you to post your resume for recruiters to view. There are also others that don't list job openings, but do allow you to post your resume. Some allow you to post for free, some charge. Check the requirements before posting yours. If your resume or profile isn't correct or readable, you'll never get contacted. When they find your resume via these databases, you may learn about those coveted unadvertised opportunities. These databases are excellent career tools. Keep your resume on them, and continue to update it, even when you're not currently searching for a new position. You never know when the right employer/recruiter might stumble onto your resume and offer you the perfect job.
Creating a web page of your resume is also another option. This is a good idea if you are in a creative field and can benefit by having a portfolio. You can make your web page an online portfolio, complete with graphics, samples, sound, etc. Even if you are in a more traditional field, a web page resume couldn't hurt. The main thing to remember is that you have to tell people that it exists. You can list it with directories and search engines. You should definitely include the address in any online and offline communication you send out to potential employers. Maintaining your web resume and updating it regularly is a great career tool, even after you find your next position.
There are many email-lists and newsgroups you can subscribe to that are job or career related. Some simply send you job openings. Others allow you to post your resume to the group, network with other members or provide career and job search advice.
Despite all the benefits of using the Online Job Search Method, it always pays to supplement it with some of the traditional job-hunting approaches. Remember, jobhunting is made up of the right talent, a positive attitude and a little bit of luck. Increasing your chances at finding a job by using as many means possible always helps you in the "luck" department.

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