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B-cause Philippines Inc., Mandaue City, Philippines
Updated: 03/2018 

1. [Title] Looking for a Caring English teacher. (Full time) 2. Contract Type: regular employee, 3. Location: Central Tokyo 4. Job responsibility: Teaching English to kids (age around 4-8) Preparing lesson ※ Curriculum will be provided from school. 5. Working hours: 08: 00-19: 00 6. Holidays: two days a week + public holidays, New Year holidays, summer vacations (5 days), Golden Week: 7. Salary: Monthly 240,000 yen ~ (depending on ability and experience) ※ Probation period: 3 months (during this period. the payment will be reduced by 20%) 8. Working Time: ① 8: 00 - 16: 00 (1 hour off) ② 11: 00 - 19: 00 (1 hour off) 9. Qualification: Japanese: Daily Conversation Level (Interview will be done in Japanese) Fond of kids (Preferable) English teaching experience 9. How to apply For those interested applicants, please register with the HI WORK registration, and please click the link



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Revenue: n/a

Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Tokyo,JP

Web Site: http://


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