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Shin-Etsu Magnetics Philippines, Inc., Laguna, Philippines
Updated: 12/2017 

Shin-Etsu Magnetics Philippines, Inc., a subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan, was established in March 2, 1999. Its primary purpose is the manufacture and sale, on wholesale, of electronic materials and permanent magnet products including but not limited to the processing, surface treatment and assembly of magnets. Shin-Etsu is the leading manufacturer of rare earth magnets for electronic devices, information technology products, automotive, factory automation and hard disk drives. It is the largest supplier in the world of magnets for voice-coil motors in hard disk drives, the primary market for rare earth magnets. It is the world’s only fully integrated manufacturer of these magnets, starting from separation and purification of rare earth elements and the only company that makes all three major categories of rare earth magnets: neodymium, samarium and cerium. Rare earth magnets are used in motors of automobiles, home appliances and hard disk drives for PCs.



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Headquarters: Laguna,PH

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