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BCS Technology International Pty. Ltd., Makati, Philippines
Updated: 05/2016 

BCS Technology (BCS) is an award-winning Australian based Professional Services organisation focusing on the provision of quality consulting in the area of Business Intelligence, Data warehouse and Application Development. Founded in 2001, Sydney Australia, BCS has emerged as a leading Business Intelligence provider, delivering tailored solutions and services to clients throughout the world. With offices located in Sydney, Melbourne,India,Manila and Singapore,BCS offers a team of certified IT professionals, who provide unique cost saving solutions leveraging onshore, onsite and off shore capabilities. BCS believes that in today’s economic climate a flexible Professional Services model is the key to success. Our consulting team can work in conjunction with you to define your Business Intelligence vision, implementation roadmap, and associated programs – maximizing organisational data to effectively support strategic goals and priorities.



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Headquarters: Makati,PH

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