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K.U.S. Structural Components, Inc., Cebu, Philippines
Updated: 05/2015 

KUS Structural Components Inc. is a corporation established and incorporated on November 27, 2011, with its Mother Company KUS Holdings (S) Pte Ltd from Singapore, the company steps into history with the objective of promoting to the local market with premium quality products. The company caters the market with a complete line of construction materials for that includes Scaffoldings and Formworks accessories. These products are designed and created with aestheticism and quality to complement efficiency in the workplace; KUS Structural Components, Inc. places reliability at the forefront of its endeavor. Its operation focuses on providing affordable yer ergonomically effective formworks and scaffoldings solutions with safety in mind. We strive to create and adopt innovative practices and products to keep up with the current construction trends.



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Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Cebu,PH

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