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Biostechs Energy Solution, London, United Kingdom
Updated: 07/2009 

* BIOSTECHS ENERGY SOLUTION * Biostechs Energy solution, a division of VALLOUREC MANNESMANN OIL & GAS FRANCE, gives our OCTG customers and Drilling customers access to a world-wide network of more than 140 accessories and repair shops licensed to cut threads of the Biostechs product line. These shops are strategically located near all major oil and gas fields. In co-ordination with the technical sales and marketing departments, Biostechs Energy solution manages this network by providing technical support, training, dispatch of documentation and gauges, and regular audits (at least once a year) to ensure that Biostechs connections are manufactured at the same quality level around the world, For some of this reasons we are currently offering employment openings for skilled workers to join our firm.



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Headquarters: London,UK


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