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Alegre Medical Group, Manila, Philippines
Updated: 08/2011 

ALEGRE MEDICAL CLINIC In 1981 the late hospital director of St. Luke's Hospital, Dr. Harn Charles, created a medical clinic that would provide world-class service to its patients. Dr. Harn believed that Filipinos should be given access to medical services and facilities available in more progressive countries like those in the United States and Europe. Today, Dr. Harn's legacy of rendering medical expertise comparable to those found in first-world countries is sustained and continued by his ward, Dr. Natalio G. Alegre II. Working closely with Dr. Harn, Dr. Alegre imbibed the mission of ensuring that all its patients receive medical care without compromise. In 1998, the Harn-Alegre Medical Clinic was renamed the Alegre Medical Clinic, which is presently composed of physicians of different specialization. for more info visit:

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Employees: 20

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Headquarters: Manila,PH

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