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Bethany Health Care Services, Dallas, Texas
Updated: 03/2009 

Excellence by definition means the best of its kind or first-class. This fits Bethany Home Health Care perfectly. The company is considered a top provider of home care services in all of east and southeast Texas. Bethany Home Health is a family of Medicare licensed and certified providers of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, social services and home health aides. Bethany Home Health is the provider of choice by hundreds of physicians, hospital social workers, nursing professionals, residents and healthcare leaders because of our attention to the finite details of patient care. Bethany Home Health also provides services for Medicaid and commercial insurance beneficiaries including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, Texas Health Springs and Aetna to name a few.



Year Established: 2003

Sector: Home Care

Industry: Health Care

Employees: 500+

Number of Jobs Listed: 0 (View All Active Jobs of Bethany Health Care Services)

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Revenue: n/a

Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Dallas,US-TX


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