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Advance Solutions, Inc, Manila, Philippines
Updated: 01/2009 

Advance Solutions, Inc. is one of the leading IT product vendors in the country with over twelve (12) years of experience in fulfilling the computing needs of top corporations. We offer a full range of products and services: - Complete PDC systems both branded and non-branded - PC parts like processors, monitors, hard disks, etc. - Peripherals like printers, scanners, etc. - Consumable items like laser toners and ink cartridges - Repairs and preventive maintenance - Software products - Custom-based systems - Advance systems - Networking services Here are just few benefits you get by dealing with us: - 12 hour service support center - Availability of all popular PC systems and other IT products - Competitive pricing - Free quotes and estimates Our main thrust is anchored on Quality Products, Excellent Service, and Total Customer Satisfaction at the most effective price.



Year Established: 1996

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Industry: n/a

Employees: n/a

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Headquarters: Manila,PH

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