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Beijing Wellgo Consulting Services, Beijing, China
Updated: 09/2006 

Beijing Wellgo Consulting Services Int!/l, Ltd Beijing Wellgo Consulting Services Int!/l, Ltd is based in Beijing, the capital city of China. It is a Chinese government licensed agency with bilingual & bicultural staff, recruiting teachers for ESL (English as a Second Language) positions in China. It is dedicated to promoting the cultural and economic exchange between China and the rest of the world. Its management team has a variety of acdemic background and professional experience and is versed in both east and western culture and business practice. Over the past two decades, China has seen great changes and it has become one of the most important economic powers in the world. For this reason, China has attracted people from around the world to explore its thousand-year-long history and share the economic growth. At the meantime, people, Chinese or westerners, can easily get lost in the drastically changing political, economic and cultural landscape admist excitement, frustra



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Headquarters: Beijing,CN

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