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Brenda's Team2Succeed, Columbus, Georgia
Updated: 12/2004 

Team2Succeed is an International Marketing Team. We are looking for professionals in a wide range of abilities, work experience, and talents to expand our team. The Internet has become the biggest marketing tool in the world today. It has been stated that 50% of all money spent by the year 2005 in the US will be spent over the Internet. We use the Internet to reach Millions of people. Marketing for an International Corporation, Team2Succeed has developed a marketing support system that includes personal web sites, training, and private International offices that enable our Marketing Executives to work right from their computer at home. We have won numerous awards for our innovative marketing system and corporate leadership.



Year Established: 1990

Sector: n/a

Industry: Wellness Products

Employees: 150

Number of Jobs Listed: 0 (View All Active Jobs of Brenda's Team2Succeed)

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Revenue: n/a

Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Columbus,US-GA

Web Site:


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