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A-Line Staffing Services, Clinton Township, Michigan
Updated: 05/2004 

A-Line Staffing Services is a national staffing company dedicated to providing the healthcare industry with the most qualified and reliable professionals on a temporary, permanent, travel, and on-call basis. A-Line Staffing Services is a young company with over 30 years of combined temporary staffing management experience. We pride ourselves on building a successful client/ employee relationship based on trust, rapport, and open lines of communication. At A-Line, our philosophy is based on caring about people: our applicants, our employees, our clients, and our staff. We are focused on building long-term relationships, not just with filling jobs. The success of A-Line rests on people skills such as communication, creativity and commitment. Through experience we've learned to take on the challenge by remaining flexible, staying innovative, and being able to anticipate the needs of our staff.



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Headquarters: Warren,US-MI

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