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Biotec Solutions Australia Pty Limited, Sydney, Australia
Updated: 02/2004 

Biotec solutions Ltd. supply speciality Raw Material for both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies. It is supplier of manufacturing machinery and equipment for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and nutritional products, cosmetics and chemical manufacturers. Nutravision Consultancy Services Ltd., a subsidiary company provides all sorts of technical consultations and advice to these types of industries.After a successful couple of years of operation In The New Zealand Market we at Biotec have recently started our operations in Australia Key Competitive Advantage . Highly qualified experienced staff with varied industrial experience in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food Industries. ·Sole Representative of excellent quality, highly innovative esteemed manufacturers. ·Broad range of machinery and equipment and project management support. ·Technical advice to clients on product development, quality systems, GMP standards etc. and assistance to reach their goals.



Year Established: 2001

Sector: Machinery & Raw Mate. Supplier

Industry: Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

Employees: 4

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Revenue: n/a

Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Sydney, Australia,AU

Web Site:


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