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Behklen Technology & Consulting, Deerfield, Illinois
Updated: 11/2003 

For more than a decade, Behklen has been offering the Chicago area and the state of Illinois, a host of IT professional services, focusing on data management. Our successful engagements have included such areas as storage management, cost reduction plans, high availability, server consolidation, application performance enhancement, disaster recovery/business continuity plans, and much more. Behklen¿s offerings bridge the gap between the promise of packaged applications and components and the enormous challenges of real-world business environments, which include > Multiple generations of technology > Diverse collections of hardware and software > Effective planning for future growth and dynamic markets > Cost saving measures that guarantee continued productivity We are proud to offer the hardware and software solutions, services, and world-class support you'll need to extend your data management system more effectively throughout your organization and beyond.



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Headquarters: Deerfield,US-IL

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