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E Comm Opportunities P. Ltd, Ahmedabad, India - Gujarat
Updated: 01/2003 

E Comm is a young team of Internet professionals who eat, breathe, sleep and dream about the net. Life at E Comm is a constant endeavour to perform better and outdo what one achieved the day before. Every member of the E Comm family has a burning desire to perform, grow and excel. E Comm offers a very open work culture to its young team. There are no fixed work timings. People usually put in 10-12 flexi-hours daily. The environment is charged with innovation and excitement of learning / discovering something new every hour of the day. The energy in every individual gets converted into the high growth of the company and every team member who grows with the company. For a fast growing company like ours, there is always room for more young achievers



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Headquarters: Ahmedabad,IN-GU

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