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Bar Host Professional Bar Catering, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Updated: 08/2002 

A new catering company innovating on bar service for all types of functions. May I offer you a glass of Vodka Martini, sir? How about a Tequila Sunrise for you, madam? Bar Host is finally here -- the premier professional bar and beverage catering service in Manila! We are a team of professional bartenders and bar staff trained to concoct and handle any kind of cocktails and liquors, in any type of event. Enjoy the company of your family, colleagues, and friends right in the luxury of your own home, office, or anywhere else as we make your event special for you. Bar Host offers several packages designed to meet your bar and beverage requirements. We have a complete list of wines and spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks to complement your event. Use of glassware, ice, stirrers, and garnishing are absolutely free of charge. Great drinks means excellent party. And an excellent party means getting your guests boozed up and talk about you and your "bar host." Drinks are on us!

To be the leader and pioneer in bar catering in the Philippines.


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Headquarters: Mandaluyong City,PH

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