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Black Tower Security Services Ltd., Port Coquitlam, Canada - British Columbia
Updated: 02/2004 

We are a full service security provider in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Our specalized K-9 services are leading the way in meeting the challenge of modern societies' increasingly complex security demands. Threat recognition, narcotics, explosives and weapons detection are becoming more critical in ensuring effective safety and security. To date (2001 - 2004), Black Tower Security Services Ltd. is the largest canine service provider in Western Canada. Our Protection & Detection Canines are now being utilized on both sides of the border by CRUISE LINES, AIRPORTS, EDUCATION FACILITES, NASCAR, MOTION PICTURE SETS, TV STUDIOS, RESIDENTIAL HOMES, SPORTING EVENTS, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CORPORATIONS, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, SECURITY FIRMS (without canine services) & many other organizations around the globe. Please visit for a full company profile.

"Black Tower is committed to providing value added security through proactive relationships with our clients, which is achieved by personalized and responsive assistance, integrity and responsibility. We will always strive for the highest standard of excellence in a caring partnership with our clients, vendors, industry partners, and every one within the Black Tower Team".


Year Established: 2001

Sector: Security

Industry: Security

Employees: 25+

Number of Jobs Listed: 0 (View All Active Jobs of Black Tower Security Services Ltd.)

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Revenue: n/a

Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Vancouver,CA-BC

Web Site:


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