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Amity Foundation of California, San Diego, California
Updated: 12/2001 

The Amity Foundation of California (AFC) is a non-profit public benefit organization incorporated in the State of California specifically for the purposes of providing teaching and therapeutic services, conducting research, and disseminating new knowledge. Amity Foundation services are designed primarily for individuals who have a history of substance abuse and criminality, and who are incarcerated or on parole or probation. Other populations which may be targeted by the foundation include: addicted mothers, homeless substance abusers, gang members, prostitutes, delinquents, victims of violence, and substance abusers at high risk for HIV infection or those infected with HIV/AIDS. Amity believes that the development of intentional communities and interventions that promote community are key to restore individuals and groups to healthy and productive lives.



Year Established: n/a

Sector: Non-Profit

Industry: Rehabilitation

Employees: n/a

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Headquarters: Porterville,US-CA

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