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Benefit Advisor Services, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Updated: 06/2001 

Benefit Advisor Services, Inc. (BASI) is an experienced provider of Long-Term Care Insurance marketing, sales, and administrative services. We have successfully operated in affinity and permission-based relationships with sponsors such as state education associations and their memberships. BASI recognizes that most customers do not respond to traditional LTCI sales methods, and has designed a unique marketing system that has resulted in unprecedented sales penetration for our group clients. The system is based on long-term care insurance educational seminars that address key issues and establish the need for the product. BASI has developed a proprietary automated database management system that offers full customer contact tracking, report generation, and custom calling software. BASI sales employees are trained in product knowledge and have superior communication skills, ensuring that the entire selling process in consistent and non-intrusive.



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Headquarters: Minneapolis,US-MN

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